Family of Groomers

My husband and daughters are all very supportive and assist where needed.  Candace, Alyssa, and Charyssa all work full time with me assisting with grooming, scheduling appointments, and fulfill daily office work.  Angela supports us in our endeavor, but chose to teach science in the public schools. Thomas and Alexander go to school during the day, but love to be a part of our puppy boarding and cleaning the RV. Great helpers! I have many degrees and certifications in the field of education but deemed it necessary to expand and educate myself in business therefore I acquired a Masters Business degree in Communications at Lindenwood University in December of 2013.  Alyssa and Charyssa also achieved their Bachelors Business degree's in Communications at Lindenwood University in December of 2014. 

Everyday I am so very excited to work at Shaggy2Chic.  I have a smile a mile wide because its just not possible be sad or crabby when working with pets!  I get to play with a variety of animals every day, from great danes, to tiny yorkies, cats, and even some reptiles on the side!  Our little endeavor has come so far in such a short amount of time and I am so very thankful and blessed each and every day.  Thank you so very much for reading about our family, we look forward to servicing your pet soon!!!


Chrissy Neese
Shaggy2Chic Mobile Pet Grooming Spa

Shaggy2Chic Mobile Pet Grooming Spa


Shaggy2Chic Mobile Pet Grooming Spa is a family owned and operated business based in Wentzville, Missouri. Our family includes myself, my husband Steve, and our four daughters Charyssa, Candace, Alyssa, and Angela. Also including the love and support from my grandsons and son-in-law Alex, Thomas, and Jim.

In May of 2012 I retired from teaching science after what seems to be a thousand years of service, teaching young minds introductory chemistry, physics, biology, and earth science. In addition during the past 20 years our family bred, groomed, and raised golden retrievers. Our last golden died at age 15, what a blessing he was through the years. Most of our friends asked us to groom and care for their animals, ranging from huskies to cockers, to mixes of all kinds, and we loved it! Therefore it made sense that after retirement to open Shaggy2Chic and put my lifetime love of animals into a full time commitment.

Learning to groom was and continues to be much different than learning how to teach. Most of my skills were obtained by learning to care for our own animals. The summer of 2012 I enrolled in an online program to learn techniques and skills for all kinds of dogs and cats. Not only was it interesting to view the many different cuts and products used, but also the variety of styles people prefer in different areas. I groomed animals from all walks of life and practiced, practiced, practiced until I felt I had it right! In addition, our family acquired two standard poodles Dax and Cici, and a second lhasa apso Trixie to partner with our little lhasa Gus. These four sweeties provided hours of grooming training... and I believe they are happier (and a bit spoiled) because of it!