7 years ago Candace left her full time job to join the company in the first year our family business opened as an assistant groomer.  Now she has her own RV and  enjoys making dogs look their best! 

Bringing you bubbles to save you the troubles!


A Family of Groomers!

Charyssa & Alyssa

The Twins were part time assistant groomers while attending Lindenwood.  Upon graduation they became full time groomers 6 years ago and now have their own RV to groom pets. The girls love grooming many kinds of pets, large or small they love them all! 


2012 was a grand year.  I retired from teaching science and invested everything I had into Shaggy2Chic Mobile Pet Grooming Spa. It has been a wonderful experience so far and my how we have grown! We have 3 state of the art grooming RV's that provide a safe space for pets to be pampered!